Dark Age of Camelot Takes Aim at Steam Greenlight

By Jeff Francis
Dark Age of Camelot steam greenlight

Dark Age of Camelot is one of the most venerated mmorpg games that's been released. It's been an industry standard since it was originally released way back in 2001, and it's set to celebrate its thirteenth anniversary this year. Now the online game seeks to conquer new territory as Dark Age of Camelot takes aim at Steam Greenlight.

As everyone knows, the more exposure a game has, the better it succeeds. While new games are the ones usually to be found on Valve's distribution network of Steam Greenlight, it can benefit older games as well since newer gamers are made aware of the mmorpg. Set in the days directly after the death of King Arthur, Dark Age of Camelot has a breadth of lore and content that few other mmo games can match. It revolutionized PvP gameplay by its realm-versus-realm-versus-realm model where players join one of three factions (Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia) battling for supremacy. No other mmo has come close to rivaling the PvP experience of DAOC. The game is definitely old school with over forty classes and twenty races.

Dark Age of Camelot warrior

The presence of Dark Age of Camelot on Steam Greenlight has drawn plenty of interest from gamers. Currently, there are over twenty two pages of comments already and multiple discussions. The level of interest is doubly amazing as the game is still proudly subscription based, which is increasingly rare in this free-to-play world. I hope that the game is greenlit as it deserves not only to survive, but to thrive. If you wish to view the Steam Greenlight page for Dark Age of Camelot, click here.


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