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dark age of camelot otherworlds campaign
If you were in desperate need of an epic adventure in Dark Age of Camelot, consider your prayers answered. Dark Age of Camelot developers have confirmed that the new Otherworlds campaign will be releasing as part of the mmo's upcoming 1.118 patch.The Dark Age of Camelot Otherworlds campaign will have a sprawling scope that spans the course of summer and fall. That means for the next several months, players will get regular content updates tha...
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Jun 15 2015
Dark Age of Camelot celebrates 13th anniversary
While many mmo games make little impact upon their release and quickly fade away, there are those that have had tremendous influence. One such game is Dark Age of Camelot, which brought realm-versus-realm combat to the gaming masses, and their style of worldwide PvP is still considered unmatched by many gaming veterans. The game is still chugging along, even though it's no longer at the height of its popularity. To celebrate the Dark Age of Camel...
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Oct 10 2014
Why don't more mmos use Dark Age of Camelot PvP?
Dark Age of Camelot made news recently with it seeking to be greenlit on Valve's Steam platform. This was very surprising as usually only new games find their way to Steam Greenlight, much less an mmorpg that will be celebrating its thirteenth anniversary later this year. Still, this is quite a testament to a game that has stood the test of time and is still proudly a subscription game. What Dark Age of Camelot was known for was its incredib...
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Apr 22 2014
Dark Age of Camelot steam greenlight
Dark Age of Camelot is one of the most venerated mmorpg games that's been released. It's been an industry standard since it was originally released way back in 2001, and it's set to celebrate its thirteenth anniversary this year. Now the online game seeks to conquer new territory as Dark Age of Camelot takes aim at Steam Greenlight. As everyone knows, the more exposure a game has, the better it succeeds. While new games are the ones usually...
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Apr 17 2014