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Crowfall Legionaire Gameplay Trailer Analysis

Crowfall Legionaire Gameplay Trailer Analysis

Crowfall is a political online RPG developed and published by ArtCraft Entertainment. While most MMO creators wish to attract as many hardcore and casual players as possible, Crowfall caters to those players that want to experience not only a deep immersion level but also merciless play style such as political alliances and conquest. The team behind the game contributed to famous titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Shadowbane and Ultima Online. J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton are the ArtCraft Entertainment founding members and together with other experienced developers they set on a mission to deliver a true next gen game that will revolutionize the traditional MMO design.

A virtual world game where players compete against each other is the main Crowfall gameplay mechanic but the game is neither a theme park MMO nor a sandbox game. Developers promise a meaningful adventure where players won’t be tasked with the usual kill or retrieve missions that make up the questing experience for most MMORPGs. Questing and leveling are usually seen as linear processes or as an ordeal that has to be passed before reaching the relevant end game content such as raids, battlegrounds or other activities. The rewards that come before max level are not very compelling so players rush through the low level zones and sometimes miss one of the most important elements of RPG games: the story and the background lore. Crowfall players will be happy to discover that their actions and decisions truly impact the game world and their chances of success. Massive player interaction is the foundation on which Crowfall is built. Users team up and create alliances, compete against other massive groups of players but this is not all. Betrayal is also permitted so players will never be able to fully trust each other. From thousands of contenders only one will win the throne and rule until he or she is dethroned. To be crowned the supreme Crowfall ruler is one big achievement but the battle for the throne is also a memorable experience. The winner will enjoy his moment of glory and those that didn’t make it will have quite a story to tell.

The world of Crowfall is one huge battle scene where multiple houses or factions are locked in a conquest war. Players get to pledge their allegiance to one of these factions. ArtCraft Entertainment is committed to build one of the best MMORPG titles with help from the community. Those who are interested in taking part of this journey are invited to share their input on the official Crowfall forums.

By Rachel Rosen


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