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Crossout Gameplay Trailer Analysis - HD

Crossout Gameplay Trailer Analysis - HD

Crossout is a free to play MMO developed by Targem Games and published by Gaijin Entertainment. The core gameplay features are PvP interaction and vehicles. This means that players will be able to pick from a large selection of cars, customize them, team up and take on PvP challenges. Crossout adventures take place in a sci fi apocalyptic environment. Human experiments with genetics didn't go quite as planned and the war against the aliens left the world in a state of ruin. The game promotes competition not just on the battlefield but also in the workshop. Before taking a car on the open map, players have to decide on upgrades and customization options that will make their vehicles unmatched forces on the battleground.

Crossout is just like a RPG but with cars instead of characters. Vehicles are used to express users play style. From fast cars to heavy tank like off road automobiles, all combos are allowed. Car parts are necessary to modify a vehicle's behavior. These parts can be traded or obtained as rewards. Crossout gives users an extensive array of customization parts so each player has the possibility to create a unique vehicle that stands out on the battlefield. Crossout players also have to be aware that car upgrade is more than just swapping parts. Each element has to be carefully considered because the performance of a car is the sum of its components. The customization system allows players to change the shape of their cars, enhance it with armor, make it combat ready with weapons and mount support systems for extra efficiency. The weapon system deserves a close look. Chainsaws, rocket launchers, power drills and flying drones are just some of the weapons that can be placed on cars. Cosmetic options are available as well so Crossout cars have not just different functionality but also a distinguishing look. The garage is place that helps players earn some money. They can visit the garage to build all sorts of systems that can be sold to other players. The auction houses connects all users that are interested in buying or selling.

Crossout combat system has some interesting features. When a car is hit, it doesn't take general damage. The part that is damaged becomes unusable thus crippling the entire machine. Taking out weapons or armor first is a good way to render a vehicle defenseless. Crossout is a free MMO with no PvE content. It's a game that caters to car fans looking for some destructive PvP action. Crossout implements a microtransaction system that offers all sorts of benefits to premium users.

By Rachel Rosen


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