Continent of the Ninth drops Raebin expansion on August 21

By Michael Jamias
continent of the ninth raebin expansion

Third expansion for the action MMORPG unlocks the Sixth Continent of Raebin plus the Demonisher advanced class.

The Raebin expansion centers the action on the Guardian's Tower. Players must defend the location from Nefer and his army who have begun to lay siege on the tower in order to obtain Tertis' Heart, a special power protected by the water dragon, Artesia.

Watch the Continent of the Ninth Raebin expansion trailer:

Continent of the Ninth fans must prevent Nefer from getting his hands on Tertis' Heart by fighting their way up the dungeon and reaching the top before Nefer does. The Guardian's Tower will offer 20 levels filled with Nefer goons and 3 major dungeons, the first dungeon of which will be opened on August 21.

On top of hours of tower- and dungeon-crawling content, the Raebin expansion also raises the level cap to 65 and introduces the new advanced class for the Shaman called the Demonisher.

The Demonisher class wields an orb and casts powerful area of effect spells. Watch the previously released Demonisher class trailer.

Existing classes in the free online rpg can also be powered up by collecting a new class of Epic items.


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