Continent of the Ninth welcomes the Mystic class

By Michael Jamias
continent of the ninth mystic class

The new Mystic class is jarring at first glance -- a tiara-wearing princess that whacks a giant hammer with effortless grace.

It's honestly mesmerizing to see this sweetheart slam enemies into a bloody pulp. Watch this Mystic class trailer to see what we mean:

We've chosen to look past the Mystic's minor character design flaws. Things like the impossibly thin hammer handle (won't it break off with all that swinging she's doing?) and the uncomfortable panty peeks when the wind lifts up her skirt during her aerial combos.

We're willing to forgive all that and try the Mystic out in the mmorpg because she just looks darn fun to play. It helps that those final 20 seconds in her trailer where she performs a finisher-type combo look amazing.

The Mystic class is now available, but Continent of the Ninth developers said fans will have to wait for next month to see her advanced form.

We're betting that she'll be one of the more popular basic classes in the online rpg. Aside from her attractive princess visuals, she's also said to level faster at advancing to Elite class than the other basic classes due to her massive AOE damage potential that can wipe out mob packs with ease.


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