Continent of the Ninth’s new Hell Mode and Fortune Survival will test your limits

By Michael Jamias
continent of the ninth hell mode fortune survival

Continent of the Ninth has just launched its new expansion, The Ruined Empire, and it plans to punish you with brutally hard content.

Continent of the Ninth players will have the chance to unlock Hell Mode for all dungeons in Okapia, the freshly opened fourth continent for the online rpg, by clearing enough Master dungeons.

Each successful Master dungeon run will earn you a Master level bead, which will in turn reward you with a random number of Hell Pieces. Collect 20 Hell Pieces and exchange them for Hell Tickets via the Portal Mage in Vimpeli. These tickets, once used, will unlock the highest Hell difficulty for specific dungeons, giving hardcore MMORPG fans a series of treacherous tests as well as the best rewards for the endgame.

Meanwhile, the Fortune Survival mode will give PvP gladiators a formidable challenge as well. The ticket for Fortune Survival can be purchased from NPC Kasim. Use the trigger to activate the Fortune Survival trial that offers up to 20 rounds of taxing combat. Clearing stages will earn you Fortunes, a currency which can be exchanged for item and gold rewards. Should you fail to clear a stage, the online rpg still rewards you for the effort.

Hell Mode and Fortune Survival are just two of the new features that arrived with The Ruined Empire expansion. It also introduced the Reaperess, a new Shaman class that wields a humongous scythe with uncanny dexterity, and can inflict damage-over-time bleeds to unlucky targets.

There is also the Skill Book system through which players can boost their stats by equipping looted or vendor bought Skill Books. The expansion, which was released on September 12, also raised the level cap to 57 from 50.


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