Gunslinger advanced class shoots its way to Continent of the Ninth

By Michael Jamias
continent of the ninth gunslinger advanced class

This new advanced class specializes in long-range barrages, but also has enough short-range skills to punish those who dare come close.

The Gunslinger is the 16th advanced class to be introduced to Continent of the Ninth, and is the fifth advancement for the hunter class. Gunslingers use dual pistols and shotguns to slaughter from afar, and deliver dynamic skill effects that make the class fun to watch and use, according to developer WEBZEN.

Watch the Gunslinger in its swagger-filled form in the class trailer below:

In terms of play style, the Gunslinger can maintain its distance from the brutal monster gangs in the free online rpg, and unleash crushing shot combos without even suffering a scratch. Slow melee opponents are especially vulnerable to this long-range assault.

But when chased down and cornered to fight in melee, the Gunslinger adapts and uses knockback abilities as well as powerful close-range attacks to make them regret from approaching.

The Gunslinger update also comes with the introduction of the fifth Continent Survival Mode, which WEBZEN said will be “one of the most challenging” tests in the free mmorpg as players will be pitted against many deadly high-level monsters.

Continent of the Ninth will also activate a new multi-lingual, user-friendly client that should smoothen the game play experience for German, French, Polish, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese fans.


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