Battle the fire god Bardiel in Continent of the Ninth's second raid

By Michael Jamias
continent of the ninth bardiel second raid

Put on your flameproof gear as the fire god Bardiel tries to burn Continent of the Ninth to ashes.

Bardiel is quite possibly the most powerful boss to have menaced this 3D fantasy action MMORPG; he is malevolent, impetuous, and outright unkillable. Players can only hope to contain his threat by put him back to his mystical prison from which he has escaped.

Those ready to take on the Extreme Dungeon Bardiel can head on over to Sarad, the Fifth Continent of Glenheim, where waits to fight level 62 and up challengers. Solos and duos have no hope of defeating this blazing deity, so you will have to form a full party of four. But even then, the encounter will be hard-fought and most likely result in a few wipes. Still, your perseverance should pay off with powerful accessory set rewards and prerequisite items for the most powerful armor in the entire online rpg: The Jin Armor.

Extreme Dungeon Bardiel is the second Continent of the Ninth raid to be released. The first went live a few months ago and introduced three new raid bosses: Creios, Molleck and Rebecca Twins. Even if the Bardiel raid only contains one boss, the increased difficulty and more exciting fight mechanics should make it feel like you're battling three bosses at once.


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