Continent of the Ninth Seal begins its 4th expansion

By Tam Mageean
c9 expansion

The fourth expansion for the heroic MMORPG, Continent of the Ninth Seal begins with Expansion Part One: Rahkdan's Counterattack. The expansion, eponymously named "The Forth Expansion" will be split into 3 parts, with the following 2 parts scheduled to launch at a later date, hinting that there's much more to come with the expansion, including a brand new and long awaited class to add to the roster.

Part One: Rahkdan's Counterattack will launch an era of darkness, vengeance and the prying open of the Nether Gate, drawing forth all kinds of banished, evil creatures.

The Expansion promises a "server-wide character rebalance", a huge feat, by any means. A re-evaluation has been made, with regards to monster difficulty, and skill damage has been adjusted accordingly for each class to ensure that the RPG is more challenging than ever.

Missions and drops are set to be cast across the continents, from the second, through to the sixth, and all-new quest lines in Okapia and Sarad.

Part one has launched rather unceremoniously, however, the next two parts already have some surprises and treats in-store, including new levels in the Sixth continent, item giveaways and celebratory in-game events packed with prizes and loot to aide budding expansioneers.

Webzen are keeping quiet about the rest of the details, but have assured us more announcements are on their way, and will be found on the Continent of the Ninth Seal official website very shortly.


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