Continent of the Ninth News

Continent of the Ninth Seal Raebin update announced
There are few things sweeter to an mmo gamer than getting a heaping dose of fresh content in the form of an update. Fortunately for players of Continent of the Ninth Seal, such is the case as Webzen has announced a new update that is coming out soon. While there is no official release date for the Continent of the Ninth Seal Raebin update, a bunch of details was released by the developers.Some of the features of the upcoming Continent of the ...
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Jul 18 2016
continent of the ninth ancient arena dungeon
Prepare to shed some blood in the Ancient Arena, the newly opened dungeon in Continent of the Ninth. Characters level 51 and up can start stepping onto the Continent of the Ninth Ancient Arena dungeon and engage in a grueling gauntlet of 1v1 monster fights.Ancient Arena is described as a competitive PvE dungeon located in the world of Glenheim and the challenge for heroes is to slay one monster in a dangerous duel within two minutes per roun...
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Nov 23 2015
The Webzen Blazing Summer Festival offers rewards
A lot of mmo games offer a summer event for their players to enjoy. One publisher is going the extra mile by offering an event that encompasses quite a few of their titles. The Webzen Blazing Summer Festival is offering some rewards and bonuses for the publisher's various games. In addition, there's a mini-game on the publisher's website called Blazing Card Battle that gamers can play once a day and earn rewards for Archlord 2, Continent of the N...
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Jul 14 2015
Continent of the Ninth Seal Lord of the Baltic launches
Gamers can enjoy the culture of the frigid North as the latest expansion, Lord of the Baltic, for the Continent of the Ninth Seal mmorpg has been launched. Key to this update is the new Viking class (always a popular choice for gamers who love mayhem) available to players as well as the new fishing activity. Also part of the Continent of the Ninth Seal Lord of the Baltic expansion is a rebalancing of the Battle Maiden class for PvP.The Contin...
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Jun 23 2015
continent of the ninth lord of baltic teaser
The Vikings set foot on the Continent of the Ninth on June 23, and a new teaser trailer pumps up the anticipation for this new class. The Continent of the Ninth Viking class is the latest combat evolution of the Fighter. Filled with pride and a duty to protect the Nest of the Ancient Dragons, the Viking possesses a special Frost ability which stops enemies dead in the tracks. This ability was passed down to the Viking by their ancestors and allo...
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Jun 16 2015
Continent of the Ninth Seal adds Valkyrie class
For those mmo players seeking to defend Glenheim in Continent of the Ninth Seal by stopping the nefarious Nefer from opening a gate to summon his followers, a new and formidable ally has just emerged. Webzen has announced today that the addition of the Valkyrie class to C9 is now live. While your initial thoughts of hearing Valkyrie may conjure up images of Viking warrior women on flying horses, the new C9 Valkyrie class is sure to bust that imag...
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Dec 09 2014
continent of the ninth erta advanced class
Mystic players in Continent of the Ninth can now upgrade to extremely mobile assassins known as Erta. The Continent of the Ninth Seal Erta advanced class is a master of movement and switch-up attacks. All Ertas are capable of weaving in and out of close range through their teleport skills, but never letting up on the damage department due to their formidable array of melee and ranged attacks powered by their Stance change system. Equipped with ...
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Jul 09 2014
continent of the ninth mystic class
The new Mystic class is jarring at first glance -- a tiara-wearing princess that whacks a giant hammer with effortless grace. It's honestly mesmerizing to see this sweetheart slam enemies into a bloody pulp. Watch this Mystic class trailer to see what we mean:We've chosen to look past the Mystic's minor character design flaws. Things like the impossibly thin hammer handle (won't it break off with all that swinging she's doing?) and the uncom...
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Dec 20 2013
c9 expansion
The fourth expansion for the heroic MMORPG, Continent of the Ninth Seal begins with Expansion Part One: Rahkdan's Counterattack. The expansion, eponymously named "The Forth Expansion" will be split into 3 parts, with the following 2 parts scheduled to launch at a later date, hinting that there's much more to come with the expansion, including a brand new and long awaited class to add to the roster. Part One: Rahkdan's Counterattack will launch a...
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Nov 28 2013
continent of the ninth bardiel second raid
Put on your flameproof gear as the fire god Bardiel tries to burn Continent of the Ninth to ashes. Bardiel is quite possibly the most powerful boss to have menaced this 3D fantasy action MMORPG; he is malevolent, impetuous, and outright unkillable. Players can only hope to contain his threat by put him back to his mystical prison from which he has escaped. Those ready to take on the Extreme Dungeon Bardiel can head on over to Sarad, the Fifth C...
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Sep 26 2013