Conquer Online unleashes Wrath of the Trojan

By Michael Jamias
conquer online wrath of the trojan release

Get ready to massacre targets with a selection of new epic weapons that will start dropping with the release of the Conquer Online Wrath of the Trojan expansion.

These epic weapons not only look vicious, but also deliver massive damage. Here's an example of the cross saber, exclusively for Trojans, that cuts down humans and monsters with unnerving ease:

How did the Trojans get a hold of such a lethal epic weapon? As the official rpg story reveals, "the Trojans will be given opportunities to help General Pak to undo the wrongs in the olden Twin City 300 years ago, and awarded a Cross Saber" for their efforts.

To score your own epic weapon, you will need to finish a string of epic quests which are said to be the most challenging to have been included so far in the mmorpg.

As suggested in the Conquer Online Wrath of the Trojan video, there are several more epic weapon choices coming such as a gatling gun, a crossbow, and a sheathed blade, among others.

Wrath of the Trojan is the first content update for Conquer Online this year, and aside from epic weapons it also introduces several powerful skills for all classes.


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