Oriental Assassin class sneaks its way into Conquer Online

By Michael Jamias
conquer online oriental assassin class

The stealth-based Oriental Assassin eliminates foes using long-range knives and is the eighth class to join Conquer Online.

The Oriental Assassin is slated to go live sometime this January. It will debut with four deadly skills, as well as a special XP skill “which will maximize the advantage of the Assassin's long-range attack, making them a powerful force, especially in PvP battles,” said NetDragon, the developer for the Eastern-themed online rpg.

“Said to once be a part of the empires secret guard, the best assassins are sent out to hunt down the empire's most-wanted and most feared. Unlike all the other assassins you find in other mmo games, the Oriental Assassin is very unique as a long-range class, attacking their enemies from a distance with stealth and their deadly throwing knives,” it added.

The Oriental Assassin brings some cloak-and-dagger flavor to Conquer Online and sneakier combat options compared to the current seven classes consisting of the Warrior, Ninja, Trojan, Archer, Monk, Taoist and Pirate.

“Assassins have a unique combat style and transformation ability. When throwing knives are equipped, Archers will become Assassins and then they can launch a fast and deadly attack on a target from a distance, killing them before they even know what happened,” NetDragon said.


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