Crack some skulls in Conquer Online’s Champion Arena

By Michael Jamias
conquer online champion arena

Champion Arena is a newly added PvP mode for Conquer Online that should make weekdays a whole lot more exciting for high-level gladiators.

From Monday to Friday, level 70+ players will be asked to join the Champion’s Arena and will be allowed to sign up easily by clicking the “yes” reply button on the email invite. The system will then find players their respective opponents based on the champion grade – the rough equivalent of ranked tiers in other mmorpg rpg games online.

Champion grade is determined by how many Champion points you accumulate for winning arena matches. Winning rewards higher points, and winning streaks adds even more bonuses. Losing though also rewards points but at a lower rate than when winning. With this system, players are assured of moving up their Champion grade eventually through a combination of persistent fighting and skillful victory.

Champion Arena gladiators have 10 seconds to prepare before the 3-minute fight begins. The winner is the one who defeats depletes his opponent’s HP, or the one who has the most HP when the timer is up. Players can choose to withdraw, resulting in an automatic win for the opponent.

To inject some balance into Champion Arena, Conquer Online developers will be imposing a maximum cap for the level, equipment power and effects. The mmo has set up a redemption system where players can use up their Champion Points for stones, seeds and other valuable upgrades, such as the Black Steed Pack that will upgrade a bound steed for 180 Champion Points.


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