Conquer Online 3.0 Sequel Banishes Battle Power, Yanks Up Graphics

By Michael Jamias
conquer online 3 battle power

Conquer Online 2.0 will be leveling up soon to Conquer Online 3, a sequel title that developer NetDragon Websoft said will introduce new elements as well as remove a much-maligned PvP mechanic.

"The control will be simpler, both the PvP and PvE battle will be more challenging and the balance for classes will be reshaped with each class having their own specialties,” said the China-based free online rpg maker in a press release.

"At the same time, the controversial Battle Power feature will be eliminated," it added.

Battle Power was used in Conquer Online to determine who will win player duels, and often made top-geared players almost invincible. This has led to criticisms of PvP imbalance compared to before the Battle Power mechanics were introduced.

The graphics quality and color depth of the eastern-inspired MMO will also get a boost.

"Compared with the current game, the landscape of ancient China is more delicately displayed in a realistic style with mysterious oriental martial arts elements added in. Plus the wealth of colors used in the creation, the world of Conquer Online 3 will definitely become a dream place for gamers to visit when it is open," said NetDragon Websoft.

Conquer Online 3 still has no set release date. To learn more about the new features and gameplay changes coming with this sequel, visit its newly launched website at


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