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conquer online imperial harem 3 update
Yes, you read that right. Imperial harems have arrived in the Conquer Online world, and it appears to be part of the initial wave of Kingdom War 3.0 update additions. Controversial as the idea of harems may be, the Conquer Online imperial harem is not without any historical precedence. The Ottoman Empire also had an imperial harem, which housed the sultan's harem composed of his many wives and concubines, as well as servants and female relative...
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Sep 08 2015
conquer online king
Free to play mmorpg, Conquer Online has always pivoted around its martial arts roots. However, in its latest event, it's taking the martial arts mmo is taking its love of Kung Fu to a whole new level. Conquer Online: King of Kung Fu is all about the Nunchaku-wielding, Dragon Warrior, who has made it into the world of Conquer Online in order to flex his muscles and test his might. The Dragon Warrior is a brand new class, bringing real Kung Fu sty...
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Oct 30 2014
conquer online wrath of the trojan release
Get ready to massacre targets with a selection of new epic weapons that will start dropping with the release of the Conquer Online Wrath of the Trojan expansion. These epic weapons not only look vicious, but also deliver massive damage. Here's an example of the cross saber, exclusively for Trojans, that cuts down humans and monsters with unnerving ease:How did the Trojans get a hold of such a lethal epic weapon? As the official rpg story rev...
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Mar 25 2014
conquer online 2 iphone
Conquer Online 2, previously only confirmed playable on the iPad, will also be available on its sister device, the iPhone, when the game launches this December. Conquer Online 2 is the sequel to Conquer Online, which mobile gamers will remember as the first free to play mmo for the iPad back in 2011. The Conquer Online app was quite popular, managing to rank in the Top 50 top-grossing category in the United States. With Conquer Online 2 set to ...
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Nov 06 2013
conquer online champion arena
Champion Arena is a newly added PvP mode for Conquer Online that should make weekdays a whole lot more exciting for high-level gladiators. From Monday to Friday, level 70+ players will be asked to join the Champion’s Arena and will be allowed to sign up easily by clicking the “yes” reply button on the email invite. The system will then find players their respective opponents based on the champion grade – the rough equivalent of ranked tiers in o...
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Apr 22 2013
conquer online oriental assassin class
The stealth-based Oriental Assassin eliminates foes using long-range knives and is the eighth class to join Conquer Online. The Oriental Assassin is slated to go live sometime this January. It will debut with four deadly skills, as well as a special XP skill “which will maximize the advantage of the Assassin's long-range attack, making them a powerful force, especially in PvP battles,” said NetDragon, the developer for the Eastern-themed online ...
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Jan 08 2013
conquer online 3 battle power
Conquer Online 2.0 will be leveling up soon to Conquer Online 3, a sequel title that developer NetDragon Websoft said will introduce new elements as well as remove a much-maligned PvP mechanic. "The control will be simpler, both the PvP and PvE battle will be more challenging and the balance for classes will be reshaped with each class having their own specialties,” said the China-based free online rpg maker in a press release. "At the same tim...
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Jul 25 2012