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Conquer Online 3 (CO3), developed and published by NetDragon Websoft, is the new improved Conquer Online MMORPG. Just like its predecessor, Conquer Online 3 is also free to play. Conquer Online 3 is not a major Conquer Online overhaul but it’s definitely a better MMO experience. The core mechanics and features remained unchanged. There are still lots of classes to choose from and the mechanics aren’t hard to learn. Kung fu action and plenty of PvP features will surely please Conquer Online 3 players. The rebirth system has also been kept. One feature that has been completely taken out is battle power. Conquer Online 3 has a selection of 7 distinct classes. Some classes specialize in melee fights and some prefer magic. Their abilities and play styles are different. For example, the Archer is a ranged fighter that uses bows and arrows. The Trojan can train to use multiple weapons.

Conquer Online 3 players should prepare for challenging PvE content. Team play is supported and encouraged. After defeating mobs and bosses, players get valuable loot. Weapons and gear make Conquer Online 3 characters stronger. Each equipment upgrade means that the character is ready for more challenging content. Conquer Online 3 developers put time and effort to solve the class balancing issue. Conquer Online 3 free RPG players can now enhance and upgrade their equipment. Conquer Online 3 development team carefully considered players’ feedback when deciding the new features. A most wanted demand was better graphics. Conquer Online 3 graphics system is considerably improved. The landscapes and environments have an oriental style. The new Conquer Online 3 will be a delight for the eye. This is a great thing because it encourages exploration. The game world is filled with most diverse creatures. Not to mention, it’s more likely to spend more time in a visually appealing game than in an outdated one. In their Conquer Online expeditions, players will encounter shadow moths, winged imps, pit vipers, hellfire butterflies and many more.

One thing that can ruin gameplay is the lack of players but Conquer Online 3 has nothing to worry about on that front. The original Conquer Online has more than 40 million users. It takes only a small portion of that enormous playerbase to migrate and Conquer Online 3 will rapidly become a popular online RPG. Conquer Online 3 developers also added non combat activities. Conquer Online 3 players should now have more things to do. Battling monsters is fun but a MMORPG should have other aspects too. Social interaction features have been improved. The economy system went through changes as well. The players are super excited about Conquer Online 3.

By Rachel Rosen



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