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  • Conquer Online: choose class

    Conquer Online: choose class
    Pirates vs ninjas?...
    Conquer Online: choose class

    Conquer Online: moving

    Conquer Online: moving
    Running around and flipping, the only way to travel!...
    Conquer Online: moving

    Conquer Online: attack

    Conquer Online: attack
    Every ninja needs his sword. We hunt phesants with our....
    Conquer Online: attack

    Conquer Online: gear

    Conquer Online: gear
    You will earn gear from quest, staying online, and eventually monsters....
    Conquer Online: gear

Conquer Online - First Look

Conquer Online - First Look

Conquer Online is a free to play MMO RPG game developed and hosted by 91 entertainment.

Conquer Online includes many unique features, with the most exciting being the class and sub class system. Players can choose their main class from Pirate, Monk, Ninja, Archer, Trojan, Warrior, Water Taoist and Fire Taoist. After choosing their main path and progressing through the levels, players get to make a choice on their sub class. The sub class options are as follows, Apothecary, Chi Master, Martial Artist, Warlock, Wrangler, Sage and Performer. Each sub class offers a unique effect, such as immunity to poison or a unique mount. Each sub class requires players to collect rare items in order to unlock, making it a real achievement if you've managed to unlock all of the sub classes.

Conquer Online also features a gambling system. Players are able to join matches of the popular poker game, Texas Hold'em. Each game can have up to 22 other players, but it's more common for 2-10 players to be in each match. Players can gamble in-game currency, with skilled players being able to make more cash in poker than they would farming or trading.

Players can also choose their preferred style of PvP, with the most popular choice being open PK. PK status allows the player to kill any players they come across, earning experience points and reputation. If a PK player is killed, their items are confiscated and held in jail, they have 7 days to redeem their items or they're given to the player that killed them as a reward.

Conquer Online has a host of other exciting features such as hundreds of unique quests, an in-depth mount system, hundreds of skills and intense PvP combat in guild wars.

By Rachel Rosen


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