Company of Heroes 2 Victory at Stalingrad DLC gets pre-sold on Steam

By Michael Jamias
company of heroes 2 victory stalingrad steam discount

Company of Heroes 2's Victory of Stalingrad DLC can now be pre-purchased at a limited-time Steam discount.

Until November 11, the Victory of Stalingrad DLC will be pre-sold at 10% off its original $9.99 price tag. Part of the larger Turning Point update, the new content mini-pack unleashes a new scenario, two solo challenges and three AI battles.

For strategy rpg fans, this DLC promises dozens of hours of large-scale field combat. The most contentious of these new conflicts is the "Kalach Pincer" co-op scenario where Soviet forces race against time to capture strategic locations and resource before mounting a final push across the well-defended River Don Bridge.

There are also two new solo challenges. "Tatskinskaya Raid” will see Soviet tanks attempt to rout the aircraft that has been supplying the trapped German forces in Stalingrad. Meanwhile "Bridge Defense" plays off the events of the "Kalach Pincer" scenario, leaving a ragtag group of soldiers to rabidly defend the captured bridge against the brutal German counteroffensive.

The paid DLC also unlocks three other AI battles -- "Winter Storm", "Stalingrad Resistance" and "Stalingrad Encirclement" that all take place in the war-torn city of Stalingrad.

That pretty much covers what you'll get from the paid DLC. The rest of the Turning Point update, including the free World Builder feature that empowers creative mmo fans to design their own maps, also arrive on November 12.


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