Company of Heroes 2 releases Turning Point update on November 12

By Michael Jamias
company of heroes 2 turning point update

The Company of Heroes 2 gets its very own world builder when Turning Point update hits next week.

The new world builder feature will allow players to design and share their own multiplayer maps for the military campaign rpg. Like its update title suggests, this is a true turning point for Company of Heroes 2 since it will exponentially increase the amount of content each player can tackle.

The Turning Point update also unloads two new developer-designed multiplayer maps. The first map is the industrial-themed Rails and Metal map which can accommodate up to 2-4 players, while the second map is the urban-set Lazur Jungle map which can host 6-8 players.

Relic Entertainment is scheduled to feature these two new maps in a special Web broadcast today, so stay tuned to the official Company of Heroes 2 channel.

Next week's content patch also introduces 4 new commanders. The Soviet Reserve Army and German Mechanized commanders will become usable in multiplayer mode, while the Soviet Defensive Tactics and German Defensive Doctrine will available with email registration.

The rest of the update focuses on fostering more camaraderie among players with the opening of public chat lobbies where you can engage with the whole community just as if you were playing an MMO. You can also invite a friend to re-play Theater of War battles since co-op mode will be supported for those classic missions.


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