Company of Heroes 2 gets a 33% price slash on Steam this weekend

By Michael Jamias
company of heroes 2 steam sale september

Still haven't secured your copy of Company Of Heroes 2? Now's the perfect time--it's a third cheaper than usual.

Both the Company of Heroes 2 basic game and Digital Collector's edition are 33% off on Steam from September 19 to 22. This is probably the lowest price you're going to get for the strategy rpg game, at least before the megasale Christmas rush when everything from mmo games to consoles go on sale.

The Digital Collector's Edition, temporarily discounted to $66 from $99, particularly looks like a good steal. It contains the first three single-player content packs after launch, exclusive vehicle skins, and a veteran badge to proudly display your elite status. Digital Collector's Edition buyers even score a blast to the past bonus, getting the original Company of Heroes plus two expansion packs.

The Company of Heroes 2 Steam sale also extends to the Case Blue Theater of War mini-pack, which has been discounted by 10%.

Customers who previously pre-ordered the game or already own the Collector’s Edition / Digital Collector’s Edition actually receive the Theater of War mini-pack for free. So this discount is for new players that snap up the game and want to unlock the Theater of War game mode with its German-vs.-Russian side missions.


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