Company of Heroes 2 begins open beta

By Michael Jamias
company of heroes 2 open beta start

Relic Entertainment's mmorts sequel marches on to its two-week open beta today.

The Company of Heroes 2 open beta is scheduled to run for two weeks until June 18, and will allow fans of the original to immerse in the epic face-off between the defending Russians and the invading Germans.

Players though will not be able to access the complete version of Company of Heroes 2. Only the first 45 levels of the mmo rts will be available for play during the duration of the open beta, developers said, along with the game's bulletin system.

Loyalists to the series will no doubt rush to the open beta with open arms (and ready trigger fingers). But for those who are still wavering to try out the soon-to-launch title, developers promised that all progression and unlocks made during the open beta will be retained provided the player purchases Company of Heroes 2 within 60 days of its launch on June 25.

Company of Heroes 2 uses the cutting-edge Essence 3.0 Engine to push out fantastic graphics that rival the best console rpg games. Its ColdTech weather system and TrueSight system also enhance the battlefields by creating atmospherically realistic destructible environments.

Company of Heroes 2 is the sequel to the much acclaimed Company of Heroes game released for the PC back in 2006. Preorders for the sequel can be purchased through its official website.


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