Company of Heroes 2 revives classic Langres map

By Michael Jamias
company of heroes 2 langres map

Relic Entertainment brings back the beloved Langres map from Company of Heroes to its sequel, Company of Heroes 2.

As one of the most popular multiplayer maps in the original strategy rpg game, Langres (short for Langreskaya) will be available in two modes in Company of Heroes 2 -- the traditional summer setting and a new winter variation.

The Langres map has been patched into the tactical military mmo for free. Watch its trailer to see how Langres has been translated for Company of Heroes 2:

The video spends one whole minute panning over the Langres map, which during peacetime seems like a sleepy rural town. But once the tanks and platoons begin moving in and firing their arsenal, the town becomes a frenetic warzone.

Company of Heroes veterans will remember the thrilling times spent skirmishing in Langres, which over the years clocked up over 3.2 million matches and 1.2 million hours of tactical rural conflict.

Langres was special in that it was created for the original game as part of a Relic map design competition, and has since then catapulted into a game-defining map.

There is a big possibility that other Company of Heroes maps will jump to the sequel, with Relic soliciting Facebook fans on what other classic maps they would like to see make the crossover.


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