SEGA promises exclusive Company of Heroes 2 hands-on in E3 2013

By Michael Jamias
company of heroes 2 hands on e3 2013

Play a special mission of Company of Heroes 2 at the SEGA booth this coming E3 2013.

For the three-day convention starting June 11 SEGA will be spoiling attendees with a special hands-on version of Company of Heroes 2 strategy sequel. This will not be a throwaway playable demo, according to SEGA, but will instead feature the action-packed ‘Land Bridge to Leningrad’ mission from the game's campaign.

SEGA said that the mission will make full use of the cutting-edge Essence Engine to give hardcore mmorts fans -- and the random curious rpg fan -- a taste of their much talked-about True Sight, Cold Tech and Seasonal Warfare functionalities.

Company of Heroes 2 is one of the five featured games in the SEGA E3 line-up, along with Sonic Lost World, Castle of Illusion, Total War: ROME II and The Cave.

SEGA recently acquired Relic Entertainment, the maker behind Company of Heroes 2.

SEGA’s booth at E3 2013 is located in the South Hall, Booth 1047 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

For those who cannot attend E3, the alternative is to dive straight into the ongoing open beta which lasts until June 18. The open beta version has unlocked the first 45 levels of the mmo rts, and developers have said that all progress made during open beta will be saved for the game launch.


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