Company of Heroes 2 releases "Accolades" trailer

By Michael Jamias
company of heroes 2 accolades trailer reviews

The newly released Company of Heroes 2 has left quite an impression among videogame critics.

This Company of Heroes 2 "Accolades" trailer compiles the raves that reviewers, magazines and other who's who in the videogame industry have been piling on the strategy war sequel. Watch the Accolades trailer and see if you agree:

The video sprinkles combat footage in the strategy rpg with impressive feats, such as bagging 30+ nominations in the recently held E3 and winning 11 of the awards, and gaining approving quips from influential videogame tastemakers.

Company of Heroes 2, a sequel to the acclaimed  2006 game Company of Heroes, released last June 25 and has since received mostly positive reviews. It currently holds an 80%+ rating on Metacritic, with many lauding its grand MMO-like campaigns and ability to replicate the magic of the original.

Those who have been closely following the Company of Heroes 2 previews will notice some sequences that have been lifted from past video trailers, including the multiplayer trailer released last month in E3.

Still, for the absolute neophyte who may be just finding out about Company of Heroes 2, the "Accolades" trailer is a pretty convincing piece of hype propaganda -- with its glowing preview quotes, dramatic war scenes, and unabashed military carnage.


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