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company of heroes 2 mac linux
World War II breaks out on Mac and Linux as Company of Heroes 2 launches on both platforms via Steam on August 27.The real-time strategy rpg will also become available at the Mac App Store "shortly afterwards," announced publisher Feral Interactive, which will bring the title to the Mac and Linux platforms for developer Relic Entertainment. Company of Heroes 2 will retail on Steam and Mac App Store for US at $39.99. Set in the brutal frontl...
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Aug 18 2015
company of heroes 2 observer mode mod tools
It's all about deeper player interaction and customization in Company of Heroes 2 as its newest update rolls out two major features: Free Observer Mode and Mod Tools. The Company of Heroes 2 Free Observer Mode lets you sync up and watch live multiplayer matches. By being able to view games from different angles, speeds and perspectives, you can learn about and adopt new tactics from the best strategy rpg players in the world. Conversely, you ca...
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Oct 29 2014
company of heroes 2 western front armies
We're heading back to the Western Front in the latest multiplayer content scheduled to release for Company of Heroes 2 in June! Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies will sell for $19.99 and will offer mmo commanders the chance to revisit the tumultuous Western Front which was the setting for the original Company of Heroes game. It's as much as a nostalgia trip as a new challenge as developers have tweaked it with multiplayer tactics in ...
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Mar 29 2014
company of heroes 2 free tial weekend steam
It's freebies galore as Company of Heroes 2 hosts a Steam Free Weekend event from now until 1PM PST on January 19, 2014. For the next few days, Steam users will be able to play the real-time strategy RPG for free. Just open your Steam library, hit the "Play" button for the game (it will appear automatically in the lsit of games available), and you'll be transported back in 1940s as a Soviet Red Army commander tasked with the desperate defense of...
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Jan 17 2014
company of heroes 2 victory stalingrad steam discount
Company of Heroes 2's Victory of Stalingrad DLC can now be pre-purchased at a limited-time Steam discount. Until November 11, the Victory of Stalingrad DLC will be pre-sold at 10% off its original $9.99 price tag. Part of the larger Turning Point update, the new content mini-pack unleashes a new scenario, two solo challenges and three AI battles. For strategy rpg fans, this DLC promises dozens of hours of large-scale field combat. The most cont...
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Nov 08 2013
company of heroes 2 turning point update
The Company of Heroes 2 gets its very own world builder when Turning Point update hits next week. The new world builder feature will allow players to design and share their own multiplayer maps for the military campaign rpg. Like its update title suggests, this is a true turning point for Company of Heroes 2 since it will exponentially increase the amount of content each player can tackle. The Turning Point update also unloads two new developer...
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Nov 05 2013
company of heroes 2 steam sale september
Still haven't secured your copy of Company Of Heroes 2? Now's the perfect time--it's a third cheaper than usual. Both the Company of Heroes 2 basic game and Digital Collector's edition are 33% off on Steam from September 19 to 22. This is probably the lowest price you're going to get for the strategy rpg game, at least before the megasale Christmas rush when everything from mmo games to consoles go on sale. The Digital Collector's Edition, temp...
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Sep 20 2013
company of heroes 2 langres map
Relic Entertainment brings back the beloved Langres map from Company of Heroes to its sequel, Company of Heroes 2. As one of the most popular multiplayer maps in the original strategy rpg game, Langres (short for Langreskaya) will be available in two modes in Company of Heroes 2 -- the traditional summer setting and a new winter variation. The Langres map has been patched into the tactical military mmo for free. Watch its trailer to see how Lan...
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Aug 01 2013
company of heroes 2 accolades trailer reviews
The newly released Company of Heroes 2 has left quite an impression among videogame critics. This Company of Heroes 2 "Accolades" trailer compiles the raves that reviewers, magazines and other who's who in the videogame industry have been piling on the strategy war sequel. Watch the Accolades trailer and see if you agree:The video sprinkles combat footage in the strategy rpg with impressive feats, such as bagging 30+ nominations in the recen...
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Jul 11 2013
company of heroes 2 multiplayer trailer
Company of Heroes 2 channels the epic scale usually seen only in the mmo genre with its manic multiplayer modes. Watch the gripping Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer trailer below shown during E3 2013:Dubbed by its developers as having "the ultimate multiplayer warfare experience," Company of Heroes 2 will have three available multiplayer match-up modes: 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 on top of the standard 1v1 face-off. The trailer shows the increased in...
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Jun 12 2013