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  • Company of Heroes 2: commanders

    Company of Heroes 2: commanders
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    Company of Heroes 2: commanders

    Company of Heroes 2: matches

    Company of Heroes 2: matches
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    Company of Heroes 2: matches

    Company of Heroes 2: groups

    Company of Heroes 2: groups
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    Company of Heroes 2: points

    Company of Heroes 2: points
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    Company of Heroes 2: points
  • Company of Heroes 2: battle

    Company of Heroes 2: battle
    Battles are similar to Dawn of War and other real-time strategy games. You can control your units through hotkeys or simply move t...
    Company of Heroes 2: battle

    Company of Heroes 2: progress

    Company of Heroes 2: progress
    Matches will earn players experience which unlocks new options for your loadout. The open beta is limited to multiplayer matches b...
    Company of Heroes 2: progress

Action shifts to the Eastern Front of World War II with Company of Heroes 2, the mmorts developed by Relic Entertainment. A sequel to the acclaimed Company of Heroes, this game has the player take on the role of either Russians defending the Motherland or of the invading German forces. Players will be able to experience the most brutal theater of WWII, where an estimated 25 million Russians died during the conflict. Armchair generals will be able to take part in all the famous operations of the Eastern Front from Operation Barbarossa to the final Battle of Berlin.

Players will have to seriously use their best tactical knowledge to achieve victory in Company of Heroes 2. The game has an incredible amount of detail and uses Relic's proprietary Essence 3.0 game engine. A central figure of the game is TrueSight, the new line-of-sight system. In other rts games, line-of-sight was implemented with a set radius around a unit, but this game handles line-of-sight in a very realistic manner. Hiding behind a hill gives you cover, but you can't see what's beyond it. Terrain, environmental conditions, and unit type all impact how much of the battlefield a unit can see. A tank driver can look out the front of the tank, which results in him seeing farther, but also within a narrow range of vision.

Battlefield destruction comes alive as buildings and terrain can be destroyed. You can have a unit hiding behind a wooden fence in Company of Heroes 2 only to find your troops in peril as an enemy tank crashes through. Weather is vitally important in the game just as it was in World War II on the Eastern Front. The abilities of units are impacted by the weather. Units can move across ice, but the more weight, the greater the chance of having the ice break and your troops plummet into the icy water. Soldiers can freeze to death if caught outside in a blizzard.

Gameplay has players taking part in skirmishes or in a campaign. The player utilizes basic units to create structures that will build more advanced units. Each player can take up to three commanders into a battle, with each commander allowing the player to access special abilities as the battle progresses. Most units also have a special function that can be activated during combat, such as snipers being able to fire flares to illuminate areas or having conscripts using AT grenades to disable vehicles. Players can take part in single-player or play with (and against) other players. Overall, there is a tremendous level of detail to Company of Heroes 2. The Eastern Front is an under-represented theater of World War II and now players can see if they can repel the Germans playing as the Soviet Red Army or bring the Russian bear to its knees playing as the Germans.

By Jeff Francis


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