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Combat Monsters Gameplay First Look - HD

Combat Monsters Gameplay First Look - HD

Combat Monsters is a free online RPG CCG developed and published by Rubicon Development. Gameplay features traditional cards games mechanics but the overall Combat Monsters experience feels fresh and modern thanks to 3D graphics and features that enable online asynchronous multiplayer. Players are in control of a game character called a Hero that has the ability to summon minions on a battle map represented as a board. Minions (or monsters) can attack with various weapons, cast offensive or healing spells and change map location. The match is won by the player who manages to reduce to 0 the life of his enemy Hero. It may sound simple but things get pretty complicated as there are 11 monster races with more than 130 different monster types, 50 abilities, 40 spells and lots of armor sets.

Combat Monsters has a single player campaign that allows users to get familiar with mechanics, monster races and the general game story but the real fun comes from multiplayer matches. Although Combat Monsters is not a MMORPG it supports online matches with up to 6 players. You can play against your friends or choose a quick match against random players. The beauty of Combat Monsters gameplay lays in its multiple strategic options. You can play as aggressive as possible and spawn lots of fighters, focus on defending and have an army of healers or chase your opponent all over the map. The great spells and abilities variety allows players to come up with most unique strategies. There are also more than 100 different battle maps so keep in mind that a certain strategy might not work on all battlegrounds. Combat Monsters players have 12 unique Heroes to choose from, 132 monsters and when it comes to equipment there are 28 shields, 70 weapons and 22 runes.

Combat Monsters is a multiplatform free RPG available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and also mobile systems such as Android, iOS and even Blackberry. Players don’t need to spend a dime to enjoy this exciting 3D turn based cards game, there are premium features but Combat Monsters matches are won only with hard work and skills. There are plenty of free starting cards so new players don’t need to worry about that. One nice feature is that new cards can be obtained just by playing the game. You can be a competitive Combat Monsters player using only the free cards and the ones that don’t require real cash but premium decks allow more strategy options and play style flexibility.

By Rachel Rosen

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