Cloud Pirates Officially Launches with Stronghold Update

By Jeff Francis
Cloud Pirates launch

It's time for those who want to be scurvy scallywags to take to the skies as pirate captains. Allods and have announced that the official Cloud Pirates launch is now underway with the release of the Stronghold update for the free mmo. Early access keys are no longer needed to enjoy this game of tactical air combat between powerful pirate airships.

The Cloud Pirates launch features a ton of new content as the Stronghold update is going live as well. Some of the features of the Cloud Pirates Stronghold update include:

Enhanced Group Play – Three-man groups are returning to Cloud Pirates. Now you and two of your friends can take to the skies and hunt together! Additionally, groups now get Gold and Experience bonuses in random battles – for every player in your group, you will receive 100 Experience Points and 500 extra Gold at the end of the battle!

Cold Silence Map – This frozen wasteland will send chills down your spine! But no true Cloud Pirate is afraid of a little cold. Master the skies above this desolate plain and shatter the ice with the thunder of your guns!

Brotherhood Strongholds – Changes await Captains who have chosen to ally themselves with one Brotherhood or another. They will now get the opportunity to spend the Meteoric Ore obtained in the past in Convoy Mode on creating their very own Brotherhood Strongholds! Accumulating enough Ore for a Stronghold will not be an easy task, as the price will be quite steep – 75000 Ore units. Once constructed, it will also be possible to improve any Stronghold with structures such as defensive turrets and more.

It's great that the official Cloud Pirates launch is finally here as this mmo looks pretty unique. There are more than 45 cloud ships for players to acquire, six game modes, 19 different ship classes, visual customization options, and more. An action combat game of flying pirate ships - what more can you ask for? For all the details of the new features found in the Cloud Pirates Stronghold update, click here.


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