Cloud Pirates News

Cloud Pirates launch
It's time for those who want to be scurvy scallywags to take to the skies as pirate captains. Allods and have announced that the official Cloud Pirates launch is now underway with the release of the Stronghold update for the free mmo. Early access keys are no longer needed to enjoy this game of tactical air combat between powerful pirate airships.The Cloud Pirates launch features a ton of new content as the Stronghold update is going l...
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Apr 19 2017
Cloud Pirates closed beta begins
If you've been hankering to take part in some action-packed aerial naval battles, then you're in for a treat. Allods Team has announced that the Cloud Pirates closed beta has officially started. This upcoming mmo has players taking control of pirate airships and engaging in epic and fast-paced aerial battles. Being a pirate is fun in of itself, but the fun ratchets up a lot more when your pirate ship actually flies. The Cloud Pirates closed beta...
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Oct 18 2016