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Cloud Pirates is an action MMO created by Allods Team and published by The fantasy sci fi realm of Sarnaut becomes players home. This land was divided into a ton of floating islands. It didn't take long for flying ships to appear. Adventurers called Cloud Pirates travel from island to island in search for riches and forgotten artifacts. They equip their vessels with the best technology and weapons because fights occur when two treasure hunters have their eyes set on the same prize. Ships are one of the most important Cloud Pirates features. Players get to choose from different models and categories.

Ships are similar to RPG characters because they give players the opportunity to customize their game experience. There are at least 20 unique ships and more are planned to be added with future content updates. Three main categories divide ships by their weight. Each Cloud Pirates category includes more models. The Dreadnought is a heavy weight ship with serious armor. It's a good choice for players who like to play tank like roles. The Galleon has impressive damaging abilities and it can be found in the light weight category. Players start with basic ships. Advances vessels and upgrades are unlocked by playing the game. Better weapons are part of the upgrades systems. Weapons give access to damaging abilities and skills. Cloud Pirates has aerial action combat. Players deal damage by firing cannons at enemy ships. Attacks can be dodged if players are quick to react. Visual customization is also part of the game. There are countless options that give Cloud Pirates players the chance to cruise the skies in a unique looking ship. Most of the skins are purchased in game but there are also exclusive skins reserved for those who acquired the founders pack. Veteran players enjoy a series of benefits such as special sails and more storage space.

Players are encouraged to form teams called squadrons. Various PvP modes test team play and strategic planning. Just like most MMORPG games, Cloud Pirates PvP content includes battlegrounds where teams of players compete to achieve various objectives. Deathmatch is one of the simplest PvP modes: players just have to kill members of the opposing team. Cloud Pirates has other scenarios like Control Point Capture or Deadman's Chest. These modes involve more complex objectives such as capturing strategic locations or getting resources. Cloud Pirates has cartoon inspired graphics and an art style that mixes fantasy with science fiction.

By Rachel Rosen


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