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  • Cloud Nine: Class Selection

    Cloud Nine: Class Selection
    The game offers six classes and several races....
    Cloud Nine: Class Selection

    Cloud Nine: Login

    Cloud Nine: Login
    This is the initial imagery and surroundings when you enter the world....
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    Cloud Nine: Skill Alterations

    Cloud Nine: Skill Alterations
    Looks like a nice skill system, this could make things interesting....
    Cloud Nine: Skill Alterations

    Cloud Nine: Combat

    Cloud Nine: Combat
    Initially simplistic, Skill options in the future will enhance initial combat....
    Cloud Nine: Combat

Cloud Nine Gameplay

Cloud Nine Gameplay

Cloud Nine is a free to play mmo, developed by Mgame and published by Netgame. Some players might know Cloud Nine by its Asian name, Holic 2. Adventures take place in the Holy Land of Lunatia. This world is inhabited by peaceful, friendly people and gods watch over it. Hemeroth, god of desire, grew bored of this world. He convinced the other gods to bestow great powers upon humans. He hoped they will start a revolution and provide the gods with some entertainment. Not all gods agreed with Hemeroth's plan. Because wars between gods are forbidden, they decided to pick humans as their champions. These humans were called Nobles. The human world became vulnerable. Great goddess Gloria awoke from her sleep and ended this conflict. Nobles forgot what they were fighting for but their powers still remain strong. Two nations exist in Cloud Nine: Primus Union and Ganav Libero.

Cloud Nine playable characters are defined by race, class and subclass. Matska race is a human/beast hybrid. Tigri and Chicha are Matska subraces. Puella and Puer are Koshare fairy races. Seneka Nena and Seneka Tata are humanoid races, created by the gods themselves. Cloud Nine free online rpg has 6 class choices. The Hunter is a very agile ranged fighter. The Warrior can wield two handed weapons or a one handed weapon and shield. Monks master martial arts and can be extremely deadly. The Mage is a ranged spell caster. The Rogue outputs great damage and can stealth. The Cleric can heal and resurrect its allies. Sub classes are secondary classes that can be acquired from story quests. Players can switch between main and sub class. When players gain enough knowledge about certain mobs they can tame them. Tamed mobs become pets. Players can also temporarily morph into mobs and use their abilities. Cloud Nine mounts are used to increase movement speed and to protect the players in battles. A fun way to travel long distances is the human cannon.

Crafting is a non combat activity in Cloud Nine. There are 4 professions: gathering, alchemy, metalworking and jewelcrafting. Each one of the 3 crafting professions has 6 skill levels. Gathering is used to obtain the necessary crafting mats. Cloud Nine has an in game economy based on item trading between players via the auction house. Players can take part in nation wars twice a week. A Cloud Nine party can have up to 7 members. Four parties can form a raid. Being part of a guild allows players to participate in guild activities. Cloud Nine mmo social features include in game marriages and big wedding parties.

By Rachel Rosen

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