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Closers Online is a free RPG MMO developed by Naddic Games and published by En Masse Entertainment. The game was initially released in 2014 in Korea. It 2015, it was available in Japan and Indonesia and, two years later thanks to En Masse Entertainment, English speaking players received access to this action role playing anime. Adventures are set to take place in the near future in the year 2020. The old city of Seoul is now called New Seoul and it's the scene of the war between aliens from another dimension and a group of defenders. Closers Online players join the Union, an alliance that has the purpose of driving back the invaders. Members of the Union are skilled fighters but when they are not fighting aliens they are just regular high school kids. Closers Online story is revealed as players complete campaign episodes.

Players meet the five heroes from the Black Lambs team. They will choose one of them as a playable character. Closers Online heroes have unique abilities. Seha is the most powerful character. He is a master sword fighter and has no trouble controlling his phase abilities. Sylvi is the leader of the team. She has a special ability that gives her the possibility to alter the reality. Yuri is a balanced fighter who is skilled with ranged and melee attacks. Misteltein uses a lance to fight. His specialization allows him to support allies with buffs and to use crowd control on his foes. J prefers to use melee fighting techniques. It's not the first time when he is facing aliens so he has a lot of knowledge and experience. Closers Online is a free MMORPG with character upgrade system. As players complete missions they will gain experience and unlock more weapons and ways to customize their skills. Each character is able to use unique abilities thanks to the phase energy. Only a couple individuals can make use of this resource. They are called Closers and they represent humanity's only chance in the war against the aliens. In each Closers Online episode, players will fight against monsters and defeat bosses. NPCs around the city assign players with tasks.

Combat is action based. Players perform abilities and combos. They move around with jump and dash moves. Closers Online is one of the RPG games online with PvE and PvP content. Players have access to all sorts of PvE scenarios depending on their level. Closers Online PvP allows players to take a break from fighting aliens and test their skills against each other. The game has anime graphics, spectacular fighting scenes and explosive action. Closers Online is available for free.

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