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  • Clones: map

    Clones: map
    Different missions appear on this map. It reminds me a bit of Super Mario 3's map....
    Clones: map

    Clones: cloning

    Clones: cloning
    If one of your clones reaches the cloning machine, it will start spitting out clones. Clones clones clones......
    Clones: cloning

    Clones: abilities

    Clones: abilities
    Use special abilities to avoid obstacles. My clones can self destruct and leave dust that other clones can use as a bridge....
    Clones: abilities

    Clones: spin2win

    Clones: spin2win
    Spinning clones can fly over obstacles or onto high ledges....
    Clones: spin2win

Clones Gameplay

Clones Gameplay

Clones is a casual puzzle and real-time strategy game on the PC, inspired by the classic Lemmings video game. In Clones, you similarly control a cast of adorable aliens – aptly called clones – to solve hundreds of 2D puzzle maps. Each alien clone can be commanded to perform one of 10 basic actions like digging, building a bridge or spinning. The twist is that players do not control the clones’ movements. Instead the actions must be issued in perfect timing so that the when a free-moving clone gets near an obstacle, for example, a player can order him to explode to clear the said obstacle. Clones will demand utmost concentration and quick thinking from even the most experienced puzzle-solving fans.

Visually, Clones has a crisp 2D cartoon art style with colorful graphics and memorable puzzle maps. The variety of map layouts and strategies for winning make it fun to replay, if only to try and beat your best times. It also helps that the interface is clean and easy to navigate, since the sheer number of clones moving in-game is dizzying enough as it is. The singe-player quest mode serves as a training ground for new players of Clones. Playing the role of a CloneMaster with a host of clones at your beck and call, you set out on a pilgrimage to visit the 10 Elder CloneMasters. Each of the Elders will pose a dozen or so puzzles that culminate in a boss battle against Elder. Defeating one will unlock the path to a more difficult one, until all 10 are defeated.

What makes Clones different from Lemmings? Well, there is the MMO element. Clones take a page from the competitive fun in online RPG Games by introducing its own online multiplayer mode. In it, players can solve puzzles simultaneously; the player who clears the map first wins. There are special multiplayer maps, some of which can even accommodate eight players at a time. It is recommended for players to finish the single-player campaign first since it teaches the fundamental tactics for success. Clones is not a completely free online rpg but it has a trial demo for download. The trial demo includes a small number of single-player puzzles across the three game modes and four multiplayer levels. CloneStats – a ranking feature – is even supported in the trial download, allowing your top scores to be flashed on the website along with full game buyers.

By Rachel Rosen

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