New City of Titans trailer is a bittersweet tribute

By Michael Jamias
city of titans new trailer

By now, most of you probably know the story behind City of Titans as an indie superhero MMORPG made by and made for the bereaved orphans of City of Heroes, which was closed down in late 2012.

Today would have marked the 10th anniversary of City of Heroes, and with teary eyes, the folks at Missing Worlds Media decided to release a new City of Titans trailer.

"City of Titans is now wrapping-up pre-production, and there’s a whole new world being created - and as you can see from this video, after every sunset, comes a new dawn," said the Missing Worlds Media in a post accompanying the trailer.

The video gives a sneak peek at the City of Titans world, giving a glimpse of heroes and structures that will soon populate the game through several concept art pieces and work-in-progress models, respectively.

The City of Titans makers encouraged former City of Heroes players to commemorate the occasion by re-kindling their beloved community in the superhero online rpg.

"Reach out today. Mark what would have been its 10th birthday by catching up with your old friends, sharing memories, or by thanking the developers for their years of hard work and commitment.


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