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Does the new City of Titans trailer give us hope?
I've been a fan of superheroes my entire life. Growing up, I watched the original Batman show on TV as well as Shazam and Isis on Saturday mornings. Comic books were a staple in my household, and I began to seriously collect them when I became a teenager. Like most comic fans, I was an active participant of the ongoing debate of which comic universe was better: Marvel or DC. All of this is why City of Heroes grabbed me by the throat when it came ...
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Jan 08 2016
City of Titans gameplay trailer released
One of the sad aspects of being an online gamer is knowing that one day your favorite mmo will shut down. All the time and emotion that a player has invested in a game then becomes lost in the internet aether. While the closure of an online game due to declining revenues and players can be accepted, it is heartbreaking when a game is shut down even though it is still profitable. Such was the case with City of Heroes, the first (and some would arg...
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Jan 04 2016
city of titans new trailer
By now, most of you probably know the story behind City of Titans as an indie superhero MMORPG made by and made for the bereaved orphans of City of Heroes, which was closed down in late 2012. Today would have marked the 10th anniversary of City of Heroes, and with teary eyes, the folks at Missing Worlds Media decided to release a new City of Titans trailer. "City of Titans is now wrapping-up pre-production, and there’s a whole new world being c...
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Apr 29 2014