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City of Titans

Category : RPG Games

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Choose to fight either for or against justice in City of Titans, the superhero mmorpg developed by Missing Worlds Media. Developed by a large team of volunteers, this game is the spiritual successor to the much beloved City of Heroes. Players can create mighty superheroes who don their tights and capes to stand against the dark forces of evil. On the flip side, players aren't limited to playing a superhero as they can play as a nefarious villain, who is solely out for their own personal gains of power and wealth.

City of Titans is a true labor of love built out of the ashes of City of Heroes. When news spread that City of Heroes was being shut down, players flocked to save their beloved game and The Phoenix Project was born. Their efforts eventually proved unsuccessful but in defeat, they found a new purpose: to build a superhero mmo that paid homage to what had gone before but would also include the latest gaming innovations. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the dedicated volunteers of Missing Worlds Media is creating that legacy.

Players can expect a highly detailed game world suitable for heroic (or villainous) endeavors as City of Titans utilized the Unreal 3 engine. One aspect that sets this superhero mmo apart from other mmo games is the sheer customization available to the players. This is important as in superhero games, standing out as a unique character isn't just an important consideration, it's a vital one. This game offers players a flexible framework on which to design their characters. Players pick a primary power, which then determines the options available for secondary powers. As the player levels up, their powers become stronger and they can gain new powers. However, the difference is in the signature style of your superhero's powers. If a player chooses "fireball" as their main power, they can then decide on how that fireball is delivered: be it a gun, thrown by hand, from a wand, or spewed from their mouth. Players can then choose their own unique colors, effects, and animations to further make their own superhero unique.

City of Titans will not be a free to play mmo. Players will need to buy the game, which gives them three months of a subscription. After that three month period, players can continue to subscribe or choose not to. Players who continue their VIP subscription will get funds to spend in the game's cash shop. Missing Worlds Media is strenuously making clear that a player will not lose anything they had access to when they were a subscriber initially. Having players by the game to play it is a good method to keep out gold farmers and griefers. Superhero fans are eagerly awaiting the eventual release of this online game.

By Jeff Francis


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