Kickstarter launched for City of Titans, a City of Heroes wannabe

By Michael Jamias
city of titans kickstarter

The developers behind City of Titans want to create the spiritual successor to the ill-fated City of Heroes.

City of Heroes was closed down December last year after a memorable eight-year run, bringing tears to the thousands of fans who have sworn allegiance to Paragon Online's free online rpg. Those same fans might want to sit up, wipe their tears and get a good look at City of Titans, the new superhero MMORPG from Missing Worlds Media that is being developed "in the spirit" of City of Heroes.

City of Titans basically carries over the best features that made City of Heroes such a fan favorite. Developers describe the new game as a "brave new world containing a wealth of player choices, from costumes to powers."

The proposition seems to have struck a strong chord among players; the City of Titans Kickstarter compaign has already exceeded its initial goal of $320,000, having collected roughly $360,000 in pledges less than a week after launching on October 4. That leaves the campaign until November 4 to hit a slew of stretch goals.

Despite drawing heavily from City of Heroes, that doesn't mean that City of Titans will be total rip-off. Developers promise to roll out innovations that will set it apart from the shuttered title.

City of Titans will center its adventures and hero-villain clashes in Titan City, a hub for honorable new heroes and treacherous new villains alike. Players will be able to pick a primary power, and then select secondary powers based on the primary power. Progressing through the game unlocks new powers, and improves existing ones.

Find out what the City of Titans has lined up for early backers in its Kickstarter funding page. And if you're convinced, feel free to plunk a pledge to secure cool freebies such as desktop wallpapers (for Pledge $5 or more) to amazing privileges such as your character becoming a certified celebrity in the game world (for Pledge $7,500 or more).


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