City of Heroes shutdown events begin October 5

By Michael Jamias
city of heroes shutdown events

City of Heroes plans to fly bravely into the sunset with five final events planned starting next week until its scheduled shutdown on November 30.

City of Heroes assistant community manager Hit Streak laid out the schedule as follows:

  • Summer Blockbuster - October 5 - October 8
  • Double XP - October 18 - October 22
  • Halloween Event - October 26 - October 29
  • Winter Event - November 9 - November 12
  • Rikti Invasion - November 23 - November 30

The live server shutdown will drop exactly on November 30 12:00 AM PDT, after which the five-year-old superhero online rpg will be no more.

Despite the seemingly inevitable closure of City of Heroes, its devoted MMO fans are still clinging to hope that it can keep the game running through a strong show of support. As of this posting, more than 19,000 have signed the petition to prevent its imminent shutdown.

“The community isn’t ready for this, and neither is the development team; who is getting shoved out into the cold,” said the petition in part.

NCsoft, made the decision to shutter Paragon Studios, the development team behind City of Heroes, earlier this month. The multi-online rpg publisher behind other games such as Guild Wars 2 and Maple Story said the decision was made “in a realignment of company focus and publishing support."


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