Nature Affinity Power Set Creeps into City of Heroes

By Michael Jamias
city of heroes nature affinity

Nature Affinity, an all-new support set for City of Heroes, will offer players a versatile suite of debuffs, holds and heals. It is now available via Paragon Market, the cash shop for the superhero MMORPG.

“It’s a fun, visually appealing support and healing set that pairs well with Nature-centric sets like Plant Control and Beast Master. It’s a primary set for defenders, and a secondary set for controllers, corrupters and masterminds,” said Powers designer Phil Zeleski in a preview videos showing off the Nature Affinity power set.

Zeleski enumerated the advantages of controlling a Nature Affinity character in City of Heroes. The mid-range support set can provide buffs before engaging in battle, he said, and can snipe heals from afar while keeping up area heals and buffs.

Nature Affinity is also the first power set in the free online rpg to use the Bloom mechanic. “Each stack of Bloom makes heals more powerful,” said Zeleski.  

Defensively, Nature Affinity users can entangle nearby enemies to prevent them from hurting you, while offensively, the Overgrowth buff boosts team damage and chance to hit for that extra push needed against the tougher enemies of the online rpg. Nature Affinity also enables resurrection and damage absorption capabilities for its user.

Watch the Nature Affinity power set preview video below:


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