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city of titans kickstarter
The developers behind City of Titans want to create the spiritual successor to the ill-fated City of Heroes. City of Heroes was closed down December last year after a memorable eight-year run, bringing tears to the thousands of fans who have sworn allegiance to Paragon Online's free online rpg. Those same fans might want to sit up, wipe their tears and get a good look at City of Titans, the new superhero MMORPG from Missing Worlds Media that is ...
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Oct 08 2013
city of heroes nature affinity
Nature Affinity, an all-new support set for City of Heroes, will offer players a versatile suite of debuffs, holds and heals. It is now available via Paragon Market, the cash shop for the superhero MMORPG. “It’s a fun, visually appealing support and healing set that pairs well with Nature-centric sets like Plant Control and Beast Master. It’s a primary set for defenders, and a secondary set for controllers, corrupters and masterminds,” said Powe...
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Aug 22 2012
city of heroes shutdown events
City of Heroes plans to fly bravely into the sunset with five final events planned starting next week until its scheduled shutdown on November 30. City of Heroes assistant community manager Hit Streak laid out the schedule as follows:Summer Blockbuster - October 5 - October 8 Double XP - October 18 - October 22 Halloween Event - October 26 - October 29 Winter Event - November 9 - November 12 Rikti Invasion - November 23 - November 30...
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Sep 27 2012