Champions Online activates Halloween Bloodmoon event

By Michael Jamias
champions online halloween bloodmoon

Horrors of every kind -- from undead, werewolves to enslaved souls -- are out to hurt you in the new Champions Online event.

The newly released Champions Online Halloween Bloodmoon event plunges the superhero online rpg into an epic trial for redemption.

The despicable Undying Lord Takofanes has enslaved the souls of 13 honorable heroes slain during the Battle of Detroit, and you must free them or see the rest of Champions Online reduced to a zombie-infested realm.

Players can fight back against the lich lord using the new Celestial power set. There will be 13 portal dungeons that cage the soul of a slain hero, and freeing them will earn you special holiday rewards.

If you find the zombie hordes too easy to handle, then look forward to a harder challenge when Takofanes himself emerges from his unholy realm to attack the Champions HQ. Defeating the undead master will score you even more exclusive rewards, including a sinister Dark Aura.

The Halloween event will also the MMO universe populated by trick or treat NPCs that will be handing out eaither a free grab bag or a fight, depending on your luck.

The Halloween Bloodmoon will run until Monday, November 4, 11:00 AM PDT.


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