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How to make Champions Online better
Superheroes are all the rage right now. Movies featuring the Marvel heroes are making billions of dollars at the box office, and DC has cornered the TV market with shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. Stores are filled with action figures, posters, and console video games featuring iconic superheroes like Batman and Superman. Yet the world of mmorpg games has not been a rousing success for the spandex and cape genre. Many gamers still lame...
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Sep 04 2016
Champions Online Teleios Ascendant update announced
There is some good news on the Champions Online front for superhero mmo fans. The cape and cowl online game has been very quiet for the last several years with just an occasional new piece of content dropped. There may be hope that 2016 will be a good year for the game as Perfect World Entertainment has today announced that the Champions Online Teleios Ascendant update is now live on their public test server.The background for the Champions O...
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Jan 15 2016
Arc platform maintenance on October 13th
There are few things more annoying in the realm of mmo games than being unable to log in and play due to the game performing some sort of server maintenance. Yet such actions are necessary to keep our favorite online games healthy and up and running. Those gamers who love playing the games offered by Perfect World Entertainment will need to figure out something else to do on October 13th as that's the day that a major Arc maintenance will be impl...
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Oct 07 2015
Will Supervillain Onslaught turn Champions Online around?
Superhero movies are all the rage as Marvel releases blockbuster after blockbuster, and TV has a cadre of shows based upon the DC universe. Such success has not been replicated in the world of mmorpg games though, even though a number of games have found an audience. The current longest-running superhero mmo is Champions Online, but the game has been languishing for some time. The developers have said that some new things were coming, and now we ...
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Sep 11 2015
How to improve Champions Online
It's no secret that the superhero genre is one of my favorites, especially in the world of mmorpg games. There's just something incredibly compelling about playing as a mighty superhero that's out to right some wrongs and give nefarious villains a sound thrashing. I initially played Champions Online back when it was still in its beta but have wandered away for a number of years. I've recently returned and see that Cryptic has announced that they'...
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Jun 12 2015


Defender turns villain in Champions Online
The citizens of the Champions Online mmorpg are quite accustomed to seeing costumed supervillains running around causing mischief and mayhem. They rest secure in the knowledge that their local police and the many superheroes that fight for justice will protect them. However, shock and dismay is running rampant as news has broken that Champions Online's Defender has turned villain. Once considered the greatest of heroes, and leader of The Champion...
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Jun 05 2015
Why we're hopeful about the future of Champions Online
I've been a lifelong lover of superheroes and comic books. Whether it was the Uncanny X-Men, Batman, the Question, Magnus: Robot Fighter, the New Mutants, or the Justice League, there was always something that was incredibly appealing about fighting crime while wearing an colorful costume. Sadly, the options for gaming online as a superhero were pretty slim until City of Heroes came along. I spent countless hours in that game, before moving on to...
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Apr 26 2015
Champions Online lifetime subscription sale
Time is quickly running out to find that perfect gift for the mmo player on your holiday shopping list. If that person loves playing the superhero-themed Champions Online, then you're in luck as Cryptic is offering a deal that will surely put a smile on even the most hardened supervillain's face. Lasting through 10am PST on January 5th, a Champions Online lifetime subscription is being discounted a full 33% off the normal price.There are a nu...
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Dec 24 2014
Champions Online Steel Crusade Part 2 launches
Nothings says that there's something wrong than having normal citizens spontaneously bursting into flames, but such is the case in Champions Online. Players of the superhero-themed mmorpg will quickly learn that the culprit is the vile Mechanon, a robotic entity that seeks to destroy all organic life. The situation is dire as Cryptic rolls out the Champions Online Steel Crusade Part 2 expansion today. This update features new missions, a deadly n...
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Sep 18 2014
Steel Crusade expansion for Champions Online launches September 4th
Few things scream comic book superhero goodness that battling against evil robots. Players of the Champions Online mmorpg can look forward to such epic struggles in the near future. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic have revealed that the Champions Online Steel Crusade expansion will launch on September 4th. The thrust of the expansion is that Millennium City is under attack by Mechanon, a super robot of incredible evil. The Steel Crusade ...
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Aug 12 2014