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    Champions Online: Comic
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    Champions Online: Character
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    Champions Online: Quest
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    Champions Online: Jazz hands

    Champions Online: Jazz hands
    MMOPlay burns monsters with his firey jazz hands. Or something like that....
    Champions Online: Jazz hands

Champions Online - First Look

Champions Online - First Look

Champions Online is the premier super-hero themed MMORPG developed by Cryptic and published by Perfect World Entertainment. Since the original release in October 2009, Champions online has enjoyed 9 high quality expansions, including the recent transfer to a free to play model .

Champions Online boasts one of the most powerful character creation systems ever to grace the MMORPG list. There are literally hundreds of thousands of possible combinations, as players construct their very own super hero. You can customize every single aspect of your character, from basic facial features to an in-depth, personalized costume. You're free to design without limitations, whether you want a hero decked out in spandex wearing his briefs on the outside, or a mutated version of a natural element, the choice is yours.

There are 2 possible methods when constructing your characters abilities, free form or archetype. The archetype system works in a similar way to most class-based MMORPG games, giving players a selection of over 22 predefined class roles. Each archetype is unique and has different abilities, passives and block moves to progress through, making archetypes an easy choice for first time MMORPG players. The free form system is far more popular, allowing players total freedom in terms of their characters progression. Free form does not limit your class to one particular ability tree, allowing you to branch out into as many other trees as you like. Using this unique class system allows players to construct a character that can fulfill many different roles, such as a tanking DPS character that can also throw out heals. The free form system also means a solo players is far more capable of tougher boss fights, over that of the archetypes, meaning you don't have to spend a long time waiting for a party or guild to help you out.

Another unique feature to Champions Online is the hideout system. Every super hero and their allies need somewhere to meet and plot their next strategy to ruin a master villains plans, and in Champions Online players get to construct their very own. There are 5 base hideouts available, ranging from a small room in your mums basement to a high-tech facility on the Moon. Each base can be upgraded a maximum of 3 times and contains a number of helpful features such as a shared bank, and the ability to change costumes and grab new quests using the Tailor and Socrates Crime Computer access.

Champions Online is arguably the best MMORPG super hero game release to date, featuring expansive character creation and customization options, an action orientated combat system, all combined with regular updates and an active community. And now that it's free, there's never been a better time to join Champions Online.

By Rachel Rosen


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