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  • Champions of Regnum: character

    Champions of Regnum: character
    Character creation is not too in depth and feel like any other mmorpg creation screen....
    Champions of Regnum: character

    Champions of Regnum: factions

    Champions of Regnum: factions
    Before you make your character you must pick a faction to join and this will determine the races you can play and the zone you sta...
    Champions of Regnum: factions

    Champions of Regnum: enviroment

    Champions of Regnum: enviroment
    The environment of the game also seems very standard of what you would see in any other mmorpg....
    Champions of Regnum: enviroment

    Champions of Regnum: combat

    Champions of Regnum: combat
    The Skills and combat looks to be flashy when it comes to using skills depending on the class you choose but other wise very gener...
    Champions of Regnum: combat

Champions of Regnum Gameplay First Look - HD

Champions of Regnum Gameplay First Look - HD

Draw your blade and take part in epic realm-versus-realm battles in Champions of Regnum, the fantasy-themed free to play mmo developed by NGD Studios. Players create a their hero, choose from one of three different factions, and set off into both PvE and PvP adventures.

Players begin by creating their character and choosing which of the three realms they wish to join. The three realms of Champions of Regnum are: Alsius, Ignis, and Syrtis. Each one is battling the other two for domination and players should choose wisely. You can only ally with players from your own realm and additional characters you create must be from that same realm you initially chose. Each realm has four different races for the player to choose from.

There are three main classes in Champions of Regnum: warrior, archer, and mage. Each class in this mmorpg can be further specialized when the player reaches tenth level. Each class has two disciplines, with one focusing on attack and the other on defense. Warriors can become knights or barbarians while archers can become hunters or marksmen. Mages can progress to either conjurers or warlocks. As t he player gains levels, they get points that they spend on their attributes, with each class focusing on specific attributes. As is standard in most mmo games, armor and weapons are allocated by class. Players also gain skill points as they level and these points are spent on skill trees determined by weapon type, such as slashing or blunt weapons.

Set in richly detailed fantasy setting, players can enjoy both PvE quests and PvP battles in Champions of Regnum. However, the game's focus is on realm-versus-realm battles, which can become truly epic in scale. The game's landscape is broken into three different zones: the initiation zone, the inner zone, and the war zone. The initiation zone is where the player begins his adventures within the mmo and is free from attack by players from other realms. The inner zone is where the player's realm has their sacred gems, which must be protected from other players. The war zone is where each realm has a castle and several forts, from which players will lead assaults against other realms. If one realm is successful in the war zone, they can then breach an opposing realm's wall gate, that is the entrance to that realm's inner zone. If the wall gate is breached then an invasion occurs as players pour into that realm's inner zone, attacking players and seeking to steal their sacred gems. The ultimate goal is to take the sacred gems and open a portal to a place of wondrous power.

Champions of Regnum focuses on intense RvR battles, but this free mmorpg also offers a multitude of PvE action.  Choose a realm to fight for, fight fearsome monsters to level up, and then head out to the battlefield to take the fortifications of the other realms and then breach their wall gate for an invasion. Take no prisoners  and offer no mercy in this action-filled mmo.

By Jeff Francis

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