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  • Carte: tutorial

    Carte: tutorial
    Go through the intro tutorial to learn the rules and interface of Carte....
    Carte: tutorial

    Carte: attack

    Carte: attack
    Send creatures in your attack area, or your hero, to attack specific targets. ...
    Carte: attack

    Carte: win

    Carte: win
    18-0. That was an easy hand....
    Carte: win

    Carte: record

    Carte: record
    Carte tracks your record and shows bonuses earned during a game....
    Carte: record

Carte Gameplay

Carte Gameplay

Carte is the latest free to play title to join the constantly expanding arsenal of Games Campus. It is a unique TCG (Trading Card Game) MMO that offers players a plethora of innovative and unique features. Whether you enjoy collecting cards and expanding your deck, or engaging in intense PvP battles against other players, it's all available in  Carte.

There are hundreds of highly detailed cards available in Carte, each of which is placed into a specific category. The available categories available to each card are Hero, Creature, Magic, Trap, Item and Shard. Each category gives a card different uses in battle, for example the Trap cards play a vital part in countering various moves your opponents can make, while the Creature cards form your front line, attacking your enemies Creatures and Hero. The design of each card is nice, each featuring a highly detailed graphic, a short biography and all the information you need regarding the cards uses and costs.

Each card is also given a rarity rank depending on the quality of the card, these are displayed via colored ranks on the cards themselves. The available ranks are Uncommon, Rare, Raid, CE, Epic, Elite, And Turqoise. Turqoise are extremely difficult to get but they do offer some of the strongest cards in the game, making it a real cause to celebrate if you discover one. Players are given a certain amount of cards to begin with, some of which can be rare. But for the most part, rare cards must be purchased from the in-game store or item mall.

Collect thousands of cards, customize and strengthen your deck after every duel, and rise through the player ranks in Carte, one of the most innovative tactical card game to date.

By Rachel Rosen

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