Camelot Unchained teases Helbound class and Giant race

By Michael Jamias
camelot unchained helbound giant teaser art

Slowly we're finding out tidbits about Camelot Unchained, and this weekend the latest morsel to be thrown our way involved the Helbound class and Giant race.

A new MMO developer diary revealed a few artworks and a video of these key characters.

For the Camelot Unchained Helbound class teaser artworks, shown here, we see him wielding his double-ended staff that captures the duality of his life-and-death magic.

Further below in the blog post is a teaser artwork for the Giant race that serves as a prelude to a bigger reveal soon.

The Camelot Unchained Helbound class animation tests trailer below also shows us how the class will move in the game:

Developers said that the models shown are a "pretty good approximation of how a Helbound could look in the game at launch."

The animation tests suggest different walk-jog-run speeds for the Helbound, and the distinction is shown by the angle of the body. A walking Helbound is almost upright, while running tilts his torso to a diagonal slant. Fans of realistic-looking rpg games will appreciate the level of detail in the shown animations, which take into account how the wind will whip the Helbound’s scarf, cape and feathered pauldron.


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