Camelot Unchained Q&A sheds light on character aging

By Michael Jamias
camelot unchained character aging

Play Camelot Unchained long enough and your character can grow a beard. Facial scruff, and a few other character aging markers, will be included in the yet-to-release mmo, according to the most recent Camelot Unchained Q&A.

Aging won't even be limited to physical changes, but may also affect the way you play a character:

"I’m happy to say that yes, certain races (I won’t commit to all of them yet) will have meaningful changes happen to them; both cosmetic and gameplay. For example, our Dvergr might have more stone covering their body and their beards will grow. Other examples could be with our HelBound’s faces, Hamadryad’s tails, etc.," said lead designer Mark Jacobs.

A veteran maker of rpg games online, Jacobs also went on to explain why it's taken so long for him to implement character aging on one of his titles, in this case, the very first on Camelot Unchained.

He said there were plenty of technical and production barriers that discouraged his team from pushing through with a character aging feature.

For the rest of the Q&A, Jacobs also addressed inquiries like how much of a destroyed house's contents can be retrieved (answer: depends on how much was saved in a player's vault) and hints that there could powerful classes that could brave the RvR territories solo and still wreck face.


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