Camelot Unchained reveals concept art and lore for The Caretakers

By Michael Jamias
camelot unchained caretakers concept art

Camelot Unchained is a fantasy mmo teeming with races of all shapes and sizes, including the Caretakers of Tuatha De Danann, depicted as giants who roam the forest and are a possible race if and when the developers reach their funding stretch goal.

To whet our appetites, the artists for the upcoming online rpg created a couple of concept art pieces for the Camelot Unchained Caretakers.

The first is a rendition of a male and female Caretaker:

Camelot Unchained art Caretakers male female

The second artwork shows the Caretaker in his natural bog habitat, surrounded by souls that also become a source of their power.

Camelot Unchained art Caretaker in bog

Did these concept art pieces make you even more curious about The Caretakers? Then you might want to read this new lore piece that reveals more details about their history, beliefs, and behavior.

Like other Tuatha De Danann races, the Caretakers worship the forest and possess a noble spirit that helps them persevere even the most trying of hardships. Just as the Vikings devote their life to battle and the Arthurians to just rule, the Tuatha De Danann dedicate their lives to protecting the forest (and in the case of the Caretakers, the bog and the souls that dwell in it.)


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