CABAL Online to release Rising Force Extreme update on Aug 1

By Michael Jamias
cabal online rising force extreme update august 1

A new CABAL Online patch launches on August 1, introducing an exciting equipment upgrade system and despicably difficult dungeon.

The Rising Force Extreme update was named such due to the upcoming implementation of the Extreme upgrade system, which will let players further increase the power level of their previously maxed out items.

There will also be new abilities, synergy skills and challenges coming to the MMO in this new update, confirmed CABAL Online's North American publisher ESTsoft Inc.

Each class will receive new abilities as well as synergy skills exclusive to their Battle Mode 3 forms, which developers said will expand combat options. The new abilities will also be quite dazzling to look at when performed with other existing abilities.

For those looking for more hardcore challenges, developers have answered with the new Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened) dungeon. Developers said this is one of the hardest added to the free online rpg to-date because of its unsparing mechanics. Players will not only have to beat the dungeon's brutal bosses but also beat a fast timer clock in what is brewing to be one intense Time Attack test for even the most experienced players. Successful challengers will be given "substantial" rewards for surviving the dungeon.

For those who want the TL;DR version, go and watch this Rising Force Extreme walkthrough video from Game Masters Ballade and Lluvia:


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